• What is the difference between the Sweet Ambrosia, Hair Nectar and Super Silky Leave-in Conditioners?
    • All 3 were created to soften, moisturize and detangle your hair.  In general, each leave-in works best in different textures, thicknesses, and if your hair is color treated, etc.
      Sweet Ambrosia- our best-selling leave-in conditioner works best in super, thick tight to medium curly hair that needs maximum hydration.
      Hair Nectar- medium thick, medium to a loose curl.
      Super Silky- fine to medium thick and straight to wavy.
  • What is the difference between the Creamylicious and Butter Love ?
    • The Creamylicious is a light pomade. It is shea butter based and is made with carrot seed oil (stimulates hair growth), and rosehip oil (strengthens the hair shaft). The Butter Love is a richer, heavier pomade that is also shea butter based. It works best on hair textures that absorb oils and butters well.
  • What is the difference between the Ultimate Conditioning Shampoo and Cool Clarifying Shampoo ?
    • The Conditioning Shampoo cleans and moisturizes your tresses without stripping them. (Infused with horsetail- strengthens hair and aloe vera- protects follicles.) The Herbal Shampoo is a clarifying shampoo that imparts an enriching blend of herbs on your scalp. (Infused with nettle-regenerates and thickens and yucca-stimulates growth.)
  • What is the difference between the Perfect Sheer Conditioner and Complete Hair Conditioner ?
    • Both conditioners will soften, help detangle and replenish your hair with essential oils. The Perfect Sheer Conditioner is a light rinse out conditioner that features grapeseed oil which protects hair from environmental damage. The Complete Hair Conditioner provides protection to thirsty, brittle prone hair with panthenol that seals the hair follicle.
  • Do you use alcohol in any of your hair products ?
    • No


  • How do I decide whether to use the Maximum Moisture Body Lotion or Shea Body Butter ?
    • The body butter is a rich, thick moisturizer that is shea butter based. It will moisturize the driest skin and leave a wonderful glow. Our body lotion is created from a velvety base of olive oil, which is a great emollient.